Bio - Winston O'Neil

About The Artist

 Winston is a Pacific Northwest based freelance photographer, focusing on the urban and rural landscapes throughout the northwest and beyond. He is known for his night time photography out on the Palouse of Washington as well as his motivation to capture the wonders and awe of the Pacific Northwest.

Being born in Scottsdale, Arizona, he moved up to Spokane, Washington and started his career as a photographer at age 15. Moving to Seattle, WA, he continues to work on bringing inspiration to his followers and showcase how beautiful the upper left corner of the United States is.

Some of the recognition Winston has received has ranged from being featured in multiple magazines (Visit Spokane, 1889 Washington State), winning photography competitions, to being recognized across an array of social media platforms. Winston's mission is to one day be able to pursue his passion through a professional career - whether it be writing or photographing - and continue to express his artistic eye through bigger platforms.

Locations of the photos taken remain unknown to preserve and respect the beauty and secrecy of nature


Spokane International Airport photography showcase

Published in the Visit Spokane magazine (2017 and 2018)  

Published in the 1889 Washington State magazine. 

1st place, ESD high school regional art show

1st place judges choice, ESD high school regional art show 

Featured on several major Instagram accounts (Pnwonderland, WeLiveToExplore, Nightphotography)

Photography showcased at Orlison Brewery (months of Jan/Feb)

Remington Review featured artist and cover photo for magazine

Published in the Spokane In Season online magazine

Published in Fragments magazine


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